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2018 Reunion

September 20 -23

Gettysburg, PA...

Click here for details....



I was informed at the Reunion that the guestbook was full and wouldn't take anymore post. I deleted some of the oldest ones and now you should be able to leave a message. Look forward to seeing everyone in Gettysburg next year


Memories of the 36th Engineers

J Neil Jednoralski
Curtis M. Ford (Mike)


On August 10, 2015, Len Ignatowski (169th EB (CS) 1970-71) delivered the brigade's reunion grant of  $1,000 for the new education center to Jim Knotts, President of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington, DC  The new education center will be built adjacent to The Wall on the mall. The education center still needs individual photographs of those whose names are on The Wall. Consult the VVMF website for the missing photographs.


A Time to Remember...


The Distinctive Unit Insignia was authorized on 19 July 1967, consisting of a silver sword point down under and over a silver encircling scroll, the upper portion surmounting the hilt and inscribed "Building" and the lower portion over which the blade extends inscribed "Combat Power," all in black letters; overall two chevrons interlaced, apexes to the right and left and divided chevronwise white enamel on the outside and scarlet enamel on the inside. The sword and the chevrons, simulating carpenters' squares, refer to the Brigade's mission of combat and construction. The saltire, or "X" formed by the interlacing of the chevrons, denotes support and also alludes to the Brigade symbol used on Army maps.


If you have any comments or suggestions contact the Webmaster or leave a message in the Guestbook or Comments section. All suggestions are welcome.


Greg Houk donated a 2 page article that he took from the Army Digest sometime in 1968. As you will read it is a comprehensive overview of the Post and how it functioned. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Long Binh. Click here to preview


For more information and great photos of the 20th Bridgade Reunions go to the 104th Engineers Web Site


Pete Peterson & Doc Neralich have been researching the effects of Lariam, the Malaria Pill & Agent Orange which most everyone has some awareness. Click on the link to take you to a page of links that deal with the long term effects  both.


Another link supplied by Pete Peterson & Tom Lobacz dealing with Agent Orange.



Submit your favorite photo/s taken at this years Reunion and we will post them on the website for all to see. Attach them to an email and send them to the webmaster...

Click here to submit photos....


If you are hesitant about taking a trip down "Memory Lane", then don't click on the following link.... "Dear Donna..."


If you left your mark on a bunk canvas as I did on the troop ship General John Pope then check out this site to see if your art work survived. I found mine, hope you can find yours....

The Vietnam Graffiti Project


2017 Attendees


Women of the 20th Engineers


Tour Of Fort Sam 2017 Reunion


Had to get a piece of that cake...


A Note from

SGM Dean Welch

can be found by clicking



Anyone that has photos they would like to share from the 2017 Reunion please email them to the Webmaster...

Link to Webmaster


 The 2013 Attendees LIst has now been posted for your viewing.  A "Master LIst" of everyone that  has ever attended a 20th Reunion can be found here... Master List. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. If you need a copy of the Reader go here for a free copy...

Adobe Acrobat Reader


51st Engineers

We have had a request from a fellow Engineer trying to locate anyone that served with the 51st Engineers in Vietnam. If you served or know someone who did please email me with any information....


Click here for information about the 50th anniversary of deployment reunion for the 169th Engineers



The 34th Engineer Battalion has a new reunion site...click on the link below to check it out...

34th Engineer Battalion Reunion



Anyone have background information about this "Airmobile Engineer" 20th Brigade patch? If so send the Webmaster an email or post in the Guest Book.    Webmaster


Submit your "Then & Now" Photos to the Webmaster  so they can be posted on the site. We have some there now for your viewing pleasure. Click on this link... Then & Now


Terry Green and his aviation platoon flew support missions for the 20th Engineer Brigade in 1967-68. He has some nice photos he wants to share. Click here to view his pictures.


Tom Butt

An account of Tom's first visit to Vietnam with the 159th Engineer Group can be read here...
An account of his return trip in 2009 can be read  here...

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the files.


After Action Report 5/14/70
Click Here...

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file, dowload it for free Here....


"Award of the Commander's Unit Commendation" for Co. D, 86th Engineers...submitted by Moises Lopez

Click Here to view.....





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Click on the 20th Brigade Patch to see the Engineering Units that make up the 20th Engineer Brigade.




Click on Castle for General Ploger's Vietnam Studies US Army Engineers '65 - '70




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