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5.0 out of 5 stars The gut-wrenching personal account of a year in Vietnam, April 11, 2003
By  Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Dear Donna It's only 45 Hours from Bien Hoa by Douglas Neralich is the gut-wrenching personal account of his year in Vietnam. An elementary school teacher turned Army medic, Douglas was only twenty-two when called to serve his country as part of the 36th Engineer Battalion, stations at Vinh Long, in Vietnam in 1970. The vignettes presented are both gripping and horrifying, sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel, and taken altogether form an unforgettable picture of the war in this engaging memoir. Enhanced with occasional pencil sketches, Dear Donna It's only 45 Hours from Bien Hoa is a welcome and recommended contribution to Vietnam Military History collections and reading lists.


Dear Donna, It is only 45 Hours From Bien Hoa

I bought the e-book version a while back and enjoyed reading it. For those that knew "Doc" Neralich it should be an even more enjoyable experience. A google search on either Mr. Neralich's name or the title of the book will take you to several sources that offer the book at a reasonable price.

Bob "Carl" Elmore