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Page 2 of photos donated by Carroll Sickles

A collection of photos donated by Carroll Sickles....14th Engineers (1968)....36th Engineers ('69-'70)

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Ft. Bragg barracks 1969

Carroll Sickles Vinh Long 1969

D36E Motor Pool 1970

Nelson, Woody and Di'Nofrio at Water Point V.L.A.F.

Frank Ferry and "Sandbox" V.L. 1969

Andrew Stages

Farmer's Market V.L.

Hot Water Heater for EM showers OH YES !

Frank Ferry 'gone native'

Barrios and Sickles1970

Ferry with new headgear

New Alignment Project

Lime and Clay Stabilization

Bridge on New Alignment, backfill compaction.

Roger Banks going to Cambodia soon.

Retired Wabco Grader

Cutting broken U bolt.

G.I.'s at shrine off QL4

Patterson at Foot Bridge project.

Mike Johnson and Gerry Le Breque

Mike Johnson

Frank Ferry and Carroll Sickles with Momma San and son

Hauling Asphalt Plant fr. Saigon to V.L.

Sickles downtown V.L.

Waldron B36E outpost

Sickles and LeBreque

Herbert Vires and Mike Ybarra

Paul Thennes


Starting Hot Mix Cap on New Alignment

1st Lt. D36E Command Post

River along QL4

Dave Maddox D36E Motor Pool