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Agent Orange & The Malaria Drug Larium

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 Foremost Vietnam Milk Co., Ltd    

       Foremost Vietnam Milk Company


                                                         Was Milk Really Good For You?

Forwarded courtesy of Bob "Gibbo" Gibson - Duty First ( D&E
Platoon Rifleman -
Vietnam) - 1967-oct1968. AUSTRALIA

If you drank milk in 'Nam between 1965 and 1972 you ingested Agent
Orange and a variety of other herbicide residues.

As you may know, the Foremost Milk Company (now out of business in
the US) based in Los Angeles held the DOD contract for the US
military's milk supply in So'east Asia. Before and after shipping
packaged 'finished milk' in its distinctive orange/white
containers, Foremost shipped a milk concentrate to 'Nam which was
to be mixed with water. Unfortunately the water used was taken
from the Saigon River which, DOD belatedly learned, was infested
with herbicide drainage. Foremost USA went defunct several years
ago but Foremost Vietnam is still in operation.

Milk became an essential export by the USG to Vietnam after 1967
after doctors in the States discovered they were treating large
numbers of Vietnam vets suffering from gastroenteritis and other
colon inflammatory illnesses due to lack of the enzyme used by the
intestines to digest milk. If a person continues to drink milk
their body will continue to produce the enzyme (kind of like a wet
nurse who continues to manufacture breast milk for decades after
giving birth as long as her milk continues to be suckled.)

However, if a person stops drinking milk their body stops
producing the enzyme. Because milk was not as available in 'Nam
during America's early deployment thousands of Americans assigned
to Vietnam gradually stopped producing the enzyme... but when they
returned back to The World the first thing they consumed in large
quantities was milk... which made them sick because they could no
longer adequately digest it.

As a result, Foremost was contracted to ensure there was always a
large supply of milk for GI's to consume. Unfortunately, the high
demand resulted in its Vietnam production being mixed with tainted
water. Hence, many American's who served in Vietnam but had no
direct contact with herbicide distribution or deployment
contracted the chemicals through the milk they drank.