Carroll Waguespack
Deseased July, 1973

“Carroll Waguespack was at HHC from about August 2, 1969 to August 1, 1970. He was one of the few guys that I saw come in, serve his full year, and then leave - with me still there. (I served 14 months for the ETS upon DEROS or Jun 1969 to August 7, 1970). We gave him a great send off at his going away party and I was to follow 7 days later on my return home trip back to the "World". He had a great sense of humor and was an all around super guy. He was from Vacherie, Louisiana”, writes his good friend John Flanagan. 

Carroll’s brother,  Nelson relates the story of how Carroll died. "Carroll spends the year in Vietnam, comes home, is married and quickly has two young babies, the oldest is two. He moves into his new house and decides to refurnish an old desk out on the concrete deck.  The sander shorts out and Carroll is front of his young family. This was Jul, 1973."

Rest In Peace